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Sign up for clinical trials today.

Help us advance medical research. Check out our list of clinical trials, now enrolling:

What are clinical trials?

A clinical trial involves medical research with patient volunteers and is one of the steps needed to introduce a new drug or therapy. Volunteers or patients suffering from a disease or condition are enrolled in a study.

We need clinical trials to figure out
whether a drug or treatment is effective at treating disease. You can enroll in a study and receive compensation or treatment for participating. Learn more at the National Institute of Health's website.

How can I get involved? Can I enroll a family member?

Yes, anyone can! However, it can be difficult and time-intensive to find and qualify for clinical trials. Trove Health was founded to help solve this problem. We curate a list of clinical trials for you based on your specific health history. Once you submit your health data, we'll reach out with a list of trials that we think you can pre-qualify for and enroll in easily.


It's easy and free to enroll. Join a community of patients taking control of their health.

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