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Join our Early Access  Beta

We’re building something big here. Really big. And we want you to be a part of it. 

What's a beta app? 

A beta app is a version of a software application that is still in development and undergoing testing before its official release. It is usually made available to a select group of users. 

When using a beta app, it is important to keep in mind that it may contain bugs, lack certain features, or experience performance issues. It is also important to understand that the user interface and user experience may change as the app continues to be developed. Despite these limitations, beta testing provides an opportunity for users to try out new features and have a direct impact on the development of the final product.

Our mission

Our goal is to give people full control over their health records and what happens to them. For you, that could mean getting paid for your data to be used in research. Or looking for clinical trials that match your profile. Or it could be choosing NOT to share your data, but keeping it organized for yourself so you can easily keep track of it and share it with providers, specialists, or caregivers. It’s your data. You should decide how it’s used.

Access Your Records

Free account registration to our secure HIPAA-compliant platform with access to medical records from over 350 institutions, and growing.

Control Your Data

Early access to our database to make money sharing your health data with researchers. Or keep it private.

Provide Feedback

See new product releases first and give feedback on what is most important to YOU.

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