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Get paid to make a difference.

Earn money each time your records are used in medical research.

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Your health records in one place.

Access by connecting your healthcare portal.




Test results

Visit details

Birth records

Billing records

Labs and imaging

Medical records from over 350+ institutions.

Be put on the waiting list for our data compensation program.

How does it work?

Sign up in less than 5 minutes, for free.

We need an email and a government ID to verify your identity.

Connect to your provider's patient portal.

Simply sign in and we'll import your records.

Own what happens to your data.

Keep all your records in one place just for you, or share and get paid.

You control your data.

Choose what data you want to share with configurable consents.

Billing records

Medication records

Test results

Procedure reports

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Take control of your medical records today.

Sign up today to get early access to your health records. You'll also be added to our waitlist to try our data compensation program.

Success! We'll be in touch with any updates.

Our investors

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Serious security.

Identity verification

All users must verify their identity before accessing their records. 

Enterprise-grade encryption (E2EE)

We guard the privacy of your information both in transit and at rest with encryption, best practices, and external security monitoring.


The standards for protecting sensitive patient information. All Trove Health employees are given HIPAA information security and privacy (ISP) training.

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"This is our founding vision for Trove Health: a shared treasure that recognizes and rewards patients for contributing to the advancement of life-saving treatments. And one that establishes a new social contract between patients and researchers that is more equitable, transparent and effective."

Matt Ross, CEO and Founder

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Join a new generation of patients
taking control of their health.

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